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MY AMERICAN DREAM is not being governed or judged by rapists, pedophiles and all types of sexual deviants. MY AMERICAN DREAM is not babies being neglected or tortured until dead. MY AMERICAN DREAM is not handing my hard earned money to the wealthy. THAT'S YOUR MAGA DREAM
Because @realDonaldTrump tweeted, I just saved $[insert amount] for [insert your reason here]!
You're NOT presidential, so that's not possible Mueller should testify so ALL can hear just like Ken Starr did years ago. But what you did to Obama, claiming that you sent investigators to HI (which was obviously BS) & that he was illegitimate, THAT was PRESIDENTIAL HARASSMENT!
@realDonaldTrump has again managed to make America look like we’re all assholes. https://twitter.com/realdonaldtrump/status/1143709133234954241 â€¦pic.twitter.com/kpaFejJA9S
Is he on Putin's payroll too? #PartyOverCountry2020 #LiarInChief #ImpeachTrumppic.twitter.com/IN0FwORMVJ
You forgot to include me
But he is, here you are looking at his Tweets and trolling him. Clearly he's your type. Obsessed. TDS
Yep! Look at all the women his Tiny Dick was forces upon.. rejected! Cooked! #collusionHappened #conspiracyisreal #TrumpIsAUnindictedCoConspirator #AmericasCriminalPrezWithNoMorals
Go sell some lemonade. Your party has created the highest deficit to date benefiting only the oligarchs of the GOP Socialists through a tax break. We, the middle class and our tax dollars will have to pay for your greed and deceit. Your narrative rates high in BOVINE SCATOLOGY!
Why is it that you say the same thing about everyone you endorse? Is it because you know nothing about whoever it is that you're endorsing?
LOL... are you a doctor? I am fine dear, how about you?
Ok what are you going to do? There are laws in regards to harassment. Even Targeted harassment. Even cyber laws.
Trump's skipped out on another bar tab.
Just make sure they are white, criminal, hunt endangered animals, hate women, rape the earth, and love dictators. I could go on but I no longer wish to reason with scum.
Bull. Obama put us in debt. Look it up.
Death by #Presidentpic.twitter.com/8Mc4qJRXDA
Damn Straight...it is criminal in my mind.
I never agree with you Serg, yet I have been a long time follower of yours, your tweets and Demands from "the people" have gotten recycled too many times, I'm twitter outproccessing, aka no longer following you Sir.