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You couldn't fill a thimble for ants with what Chump knows about healthcare #ahca
Keep lying to yourself...blood is on your hands. I don't care about your faith
Aww I bet that gave you encouragement cause you know, you need that.
Yes, I said the same thing shear Genius ! Making America Great Again
La respuesta de México a @realDonaldTrump : sí hay violencia pero no somos el segundo lugar del mundo. http://bitly.com/2rIrgpu pic.twitter.com/FFbs6l313T
LMAO at you spelling the word "complete" incompletely and then calling someone else a simpleton!
it was in need of tweaking it's time to kill ACA because yes family's will suffer but people are suffering now USA voted for repeal
Chinga tu madre tú y tu pueblo imbecil
Obviously @realDonaldTrump bluffed in order to scare Comey into telling the truth, and it worked. You just trolling, @julieroginskyhttps://twitter.com/julieroginsky/status/877956558784614400 â€¦
U R living @realDonaldTrump the apprentice script! Uncapable of speaking adult sentence using words as a fuckin real president should!
...the humble members of society... have a right to complain of the injustice to their Government." Andrew Jackson
No you DON'T do you???