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NO NO NO DNC FF Trump has it under controlpic.twitter.com/tskwzJgfRS
@JoeBiden on @realDonaldTrump's universally-debunked conspiracy theories: "Mr. President, you want to talk about corruption? I've released 21 years of my tax returns...Mr. President, release your tax returns, or shut up." #TeamJoepic.twitter.com/kLjQ2r2lwl
forced prostitution by Koreans are now a global issue. S Korea has been a source country and a destination country for the trafficking of women and girls. http://gvnet.com/humantrafficking/SouthKorea.htm â€¦pic.twitter.com/HNOuBfrbfL
Can I file one too ?!
Just send it!
This is the most disturbing thing to say as the president of the United States! Why would you say that?!? We care about all the people around the world! United States of America representing us as one , we are United as one in the WorldWide , why division ..why ?!?
Your complete support for Trump and everything he does is duly noted.
Do you really want to know my opinion? Well, here it is. You, @realDonaldTrump and the @GOP are the real crisis to this country. Your greed, self-serving, me-first attitudes are what's destroying the US. #DrainTheSwamp #AmericaFirst #DerangedDonald #GOPComplicitTraitors
@realdonaldtrump Ur lawyer is in more trouble. Ur ex lawyer is in jail. Another of ur lawyers wouldn't rewrite a memo to covere ur ass re: obstruction. For a man who's made his livlihood on suing people, u'd think u had better lawyers.
YPD / PKK terrorist dressed as a woman. @cnni @BBCWorld @CBSNews @dwnews @AFP @ReutersWorld @washingtonpost @nytimesworld @Channel4News @realDonaldTrump #OperationSpringPeacepic.twitter.com/OvrB5QyD6S
Trump has blood on his hands, it is a ‘bloody’ red. We need less ‘bloody’ red.
#LindseyGrahams video must be quite disturbing for him to push for republicans not to convict Trump under any circumstances. Think about those words” NOT to Convict Trump UNDER any CIRCUMSTANCES” #ThatsAppalling #GOPNoLongeraViablePoliticalParty but a #criminalSyndicate #Tcot
What is sad is all your party are not with you. It’s disgusting @LouDobbs @realDonaldTrump @SenateGOP @GOPChairwoman @HouseGOP
@realDonaldTrump @seanhannity @FoxNews Are people really this dumb or just hate Trump more than they love this country & their own lives. The crap these idiot Dems are saying at the debates are horse shit can the moderators ever follow up with ?’s they have to explain.
There's more to life than money. A LOT MORE!
According to The NY Times amongst republicans you’re at 47%pic.twitter.com/zblzoX5hEP
@VP waste of time and money - Turkey won't even meet with you & @realDonaldTrump said he doesn't care... #ImpeachTrumphttps://twitter.com/vp/status/1184212891513380869 â€¦