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God you’re out of your damn mind. No one talks to you about anything!
China is not finished with Trump yet, Media reports in china the Central bank is not going to support the Yuan and is going to let it finds its own level of Value in the Market Place. Predictions are 4 to 5 Yuan to the USD
Yes, Petal, they’re all out to get you. Now, why would that be, one wonders?
@realDonaldTrump Can i have ur nudes?
With the same slogan as our president. @realDonaldTrump care to speak up about this? No. https://twitter.com/betoorourke/status/1165449229164113921 â€¦
Yes you are Donald! And the truth will be told...... Comey is a Patriot. You are a criminal.
Yes, yes you are.
I want Trump to DECLARE WAR against China, forcing ALL of the American businesses in China to COME BACK HOME to AMERICA to produce their products.
"I can't allow any mean things to be said about my bff trump"pic.twitter.com/xC4hbYa8pW
Oh are you spouting lies to make lies
https://twitter.com/BiglyPrez/status/1165818163965177863?s=19 â€¦
Kinda naive!
Believe me sis cuz they ain’t getting any smaller
Right? FFS...
Really. Compared to what? Get the facts. Obama 8 years never was the manufacturing pmi under 50. What was it last month under trump. 49.1. RECESSION. You people dont understand he is ruining the world economy not just ours!!!!!
That's just mean. I miss James Woods.
Yeah right!
Him and you can go pound sand.

Sending $50.00 to Bradley Byrne MAGA